ANTE UP 21 Poker Bonus Edition

— Now with Four Poker Bonus Payout Versions —

FYI Gaming, LLC, the Los Angeles-based casino table game development company, and the developers of Ante Up 21, are announcing the release of Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Edition, recently approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission for play throughout the state.

With expanded betting options and bonus payouts Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Edition adds a new level of excitement to the existing Ante Up 21 game.

Approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission in 2007, Ante Up 21 combines the two hottest games in the casino to create a stimulating, fast-paced and challenging blackjack-poker game. This first-of-its-kind game plays as regular blackjack, but at the end of the final blackjack hand, players go head-to-head with the dealer in comparing the best of their two-card poker hands. With just a few simple rules to understand, players are quickly on their way to developing a whole new strategy. (See complete rules of play)

With the new release of Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Edition, players have the chance to win even more. Inventor Michael Forster has released four new Poker Bonus payout structures to the classic Ante Up 21 game, adding yet another level of strategy to this “thinking man’s game”.

Ante Up 21 continues it’s roll-out around the world. Join all the other casinos by bringing Ante Up 21 or Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Edition to your casino today.

Ante Up 21 is a unique game that offers your players more table game excitement than ever, and a way to stay ahead of your local competition. Give us a call and find out how you can be the first to offer Ante Up 21 Poker Bonus Edition at your casino.

Michael Forster, President
Forster / Young International Gaming, LLC.
Toll Free: 1-877-AnteUP21
Local: (310) 505-4665



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